A tall dish made from re-cycled
                                flooring sections.

Bowl made from odd offcuts
Welcome you are the    visitor to the woodturning site of Derek Atkins. Although woodturning and particularly segmented woodturning (sometimes called polychromatic assembled woodturning) is the main subject of this site I also touch on a few of my other interests. These include:-

Cruising: We took our first ocean cruise for our silver wedding, we've since become hooked and have taken several more cruises. We particularly enjoy getting small tasters of various countries with a view to identifying which we'd like to spend more time in. For scenery Norway is certainly top of our pile so far.

Marcos: One of the loves of my life has been a 1968 Marcos 1600GT. I'd owned this car for many years, sadly quite a few of them were when it was off the road for restoration. Some times I think I'd like it back again as it was a very enjoyable car to drive even with the short comings of a car of that age.

Steam trains: I'm one of the many volunteers who work in the carriage & wagon workshop at the Isle of Wight steam railway. For a few years I used to write regular reports on the work carried out in the workshop. For various reasons I ceased writing these reports some time ago. A recent dive into the backups on my PC revealed I still have the original text & images of those reports. So for anyone who'd like to read those old reports I've added this page to my site.

Garden wild life: I've recently had in interest in garden wildlife sparked by hedgehogs that we had visiting the garden of our last house on the Isle of Wight. Initially I just used a regular video camera to record the visits that happened during daylight hours. But eventually ended up buying a trail camera to record visits during the hours of darkness.

Segmented dish made from re-cycled

24 Segment bowl using 3 different